Praise & Worship

Multimedia Ministry

The Praise & Worship Ministry strives to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ through music.

Our ministry objectives includes:

- To encourage, empower and train more members to serve in the ministry, developing their God given gift(s) and talent(s) within the spiritual and physical context of the church (re-commitment, direction)

- Teaching and encouraging church understanding of worship as a servant lifestyle by developing PAW members spiritually, musically, and as leaders.
- Ushering and motivating the congregation to worship God through music.

- To find the joy of serving God through the ministry and not as a duty

- To create disciples through service in music and worship leadership. 

- To strive to improve the delivery of musical worship to the church sonically (quality of sound), theologically (firmness in church vision and the Word), and musically (musical skill to reach people)

The Multimedia Ministry works hand in hand with PAW Ministry. We support NLAC through digital media and graphics. Multimedia Ministry also maintains NLACs online platforms and livestreams.

If you are called to volunteer in the PAW or MMM ministry,

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